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University of Illinois Transcript

University of Illinois Transcript

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About 140 miles south of Chicago, Illinois, there are two quiet towns with beautiful scenery. The two cities are neighbors separated only by Wright Street, with Urbana to the east and Champaign to the west. The University of Illinois was founded here and is now home to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. In the mid-19th century, with the rapid economic development of the United States, people began to call for practical industrial and agricultural education. In 1857, Jonathan Turner, a professor at Illinois College, and Justin Morrill, a representative from Vermont, proposed in Congress a federal land grant to open an agricultural and mechanical college. The bill passed Congress, but was vetoed by President Buchanan. In 1861, from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln became President of the United States, in December, morel again the same content of bill, passed by congress, signed by President Abraham Lincoln in 1862, bill went into effect, this is a far-reaching influence on higher education in the United States the mollier act (also known as land-grant college act).

The University of Illinois has always been committed to “excellence in education, research, and public service” in the spirit of public service. The University of Illinois states that “the University of Illinois belongs to all the people of Illinois” and that “one university, three campuses, one historical purpose, serving the public”. The school emblem, which has been in use since its founding, bears the motto “Study and work” as well as the plow and hammer and anvil.

The “serving the public” spirit of the University of Illinois comes from the original intention of the Land Grant College to serve the working class. At the beginning of the school, President Gregory based on the advice of land grant College advocate Turner. He believed that the University of Illinois should provide free higher education to the working class in order to train the people it needed. He also proposed that schools should undertake the three tasks of teaching, scientific research and serving the public.

According to this idea, Gregory raised money for books and teaching equipment, and at the same time, he built farms and factories for students to practice. During the holidays, short training courses were held to teach farmers farming, horticulture and fruit cultivation techniques. In 1870, the school established the first engineering discussion class and experiment station in the United States; In 1876, the earliest agricultural experiment station in the United States was established, which contributed to American agriculture, especially the cultivation of corn and soybeans. After Gregory’s departure, the school still retained the tradition of serving the public, and with the gradual expansion of the school, the form and scope of its service activities were further expanded. In 1888, with congressional funding, the University of Illinois spread agricultural experimental stations across the state; In 1914, the College of Agriculture began agricultural Cooperative extension service.

The University still maintains a 3,000-acre farm and 2,382 acres of experimental plots attached to the College of Agriculture to experiment and promote new agricultural techniques and crop varieties. In the late 19th century, the University of Illinois vigorously promoted education, training middle school teachers, teaching pedagogy courses, and organizing teacher-led school outreach meetings. By the 1960s, continuing education had expanded to include emerging subjects like computer science, and today thousands of continuing education students earn advanced degrees at the University of Illinois each year. These activities promoted community education and building, which remains an important part of public service and continuing education at the University of Illinois today.