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The University of Leicester is located in Leicester City, the capital of Leicestershire, England, 160 kilometers north of London (about one and a half hours by train to London), population of about 900,000, students account for one tenth of the city’s population. There are museums about ancient Rome in the city center, and the city is surrounded by ancient Roman walls. The main campus of the University of Leicester is situated in Leicester’s Victoria Park, close to Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College, and about a mile from the city centre. In 2013 the University of Leicester purchased the Brookfield campus adjacent to the main campus of the University of Leicester from De Montfort University for future development and expansion. The University of Leicester was founded in 1921 as Leicestershire and Rutland University College. The university was founded by Thomas Fielding Johnson, a famous British textile manufacturer, in memory of the soldiers who died in the First World War, a move reflected in the University’s motto: “Thus they are born again.” 

During 1927-1957, the University awarded degrees from the University of London. The University of Leicester was granted a Royal Charter in 1957, and since then the University has been issuing its own degrees, officially becoming a university in the true sense of the word.

International students make up 16% of the 23,000 students in the university. The degrees offered include Bachelor’s, Master’s, and doctorate.

The campus of the University of Leicester is located in the south of Leicester, about one kilometre from the city centre. Due to its high elevation, the campus offers a panoramic view of the city of Leicester, and is surrounded by the famous Victoria Park, the former Leicester racecourse, which provides a place for students to enjoy extracurricular activities. The campus of the University of Leicester is lush with flowers and wide, evergreen lawns. Leicester, located in the center of Britain, is a prosperous international commercial city with a wide variety of shops, restaurants, bars and cultural and entertainment facilities. It covers an area of 74 square kilometers and has a population of nearly 300,000. It is an important transportation hub in Britain and it is convenient to reach many places in Britain from here. Big cities such as London, Birmingham and Manchester are all only about an hour’s drive away.

Leicester is the tenth largest city in the United Kingdom and one of the most green cities in the United Kingdom. It is located in the very center of England, 160 kilometers away from London and only 75 minutes by train. Whether on the road, rail, and even air traffic is very convenient. The closest International airports to the school are London Heathrow Airport and Birmingham International Airport. Leicester has rich historical deposits and cultural atmosphere, convenient transportation and wide access. Therefore, more than 700 years ago, Leicester was once the commercial, political and cultural center of Britain and even Europe. Urban life in Leicester is very convenient and rich. It is also a famous university city in Britain, where the number of students accounts for 10% of the total population of Leicester, which makes the living environment in Leicester vibrant, safe and comfortable, full of cultural flavor and modern fashion trends.

As the first green city in the UK, Leicester is one of five winners of the European Sustainable Cities Medal, and the only city in the UK to receive this award. Although it is also a large industrial city, Leicester’s urban environment is very natural and fresh, and very liveable. Leicester is a city full of cultural atmosphere. Various cultural festivals and art festivals are held here every year, among which the most famous Leicester Comedy Festival attracts nearly 40,000 people to attend the grand event every year. Meanwhile, immigrants from other countries regularly celebrate their own traditional festivals.

Leicester hosts a wealth of cultural and sporting events every year and is a dream destination for many sports lovers.