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University of Manitoba diploma

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The University of Manitoba is the largest university in Manitoba, with more than 20 colleges for students to choose from. It’s not just about size and scale, it’s about your choices. The University of Mannibato offers more academic programs, student support, campus services, scholarships, and bursaries than any other post-secondary institution in the province. This means that students have more opportunities to use their higher education to find enviable careers. As a student, you can also benefit from real-life innovators in your classroom, more opportunities for undergraduate research, and more opportunities to meet, learn, and become the leaders of tomorrow.

Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit students can thrive at the University of Manitoba because the University of Manitoba has a vibrant local student and faculty community, outstanding curriculum, and amazing new facilities that are at the heart of the Aboriginal community.

The University of Manitoba has more than 100 student societies and leisure clubs, co-op work opportunities, travel exchange programs, and community service projects at home and abroad. The University of Manitoba provides students with more ways to connect, improve student leadership skills and increase students’ knowledge of the world.

When you put all of this together with the same beautiful campus and passionate community, it’s easy to see why the University of Manitoba is a playground for dreamers, innovators and trailblazers.

A major feature of the University of Manitoba is the University One course, the first year of the university students do not have to make a major choice immediately, it does not specify a major subject, students can freely choose the courses they are interested in, to try a variety of different subjects. At the end of the first year, after gaining the necessary perceptual understanding of the field of interest, students decide their major before entering the second year and enter the professional department suitable for their further study. This approach has been widely welcomed by students and parents. This system has been adopted by many universities in North America.

To provide high-quality undergraduate and graduate programs, and to create an academic environment conducive to talent growth for students.