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Fake University of Melbourne Transcript

University of Melbourne Transcript, Buy Fake University of Melbourne Transcript

University of Melbourne Transcript

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The University’s 11 schools, the Melbourne Institute, the Melbourne Business School and the Victorian College of the Arts provide students with an excellent learning environment and a wide range of major and programme choices. The 11 schools are: Architecture, Architecture and Planning, Arts, Economics and Business, Graduate School of Education, Engineering, Land and Environment, Law, Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, Music, Science and Veterinary Medicine. Undergraduate Courses At the University of Melbourne, undergraduate students can choose from a variety of courses, including six “next-generation” degree courses. The six new degree programs focus on both depth (for students majoring in at least one subject) and breadth (for students who take at least 25 percent of their courses in another subject).

The University of Melbourne undergraduate degree provides students with a broad foundation for their studies and skills that enable them to move quickly into the professional world, as well as preparing them for postgraduate studies. “New Generation” degrees: Arts, Biomedicine, Business, Environment, Music, Science. Continuous degrees: Agriculture, Film and Television, Oral Health, Dance, Media and Communication, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Medicine/Surgery, Pharmacy, Dramatic Arts, Music Performance, Veterinary Medicine, Fine arts, Optometry, Engineering. Postgraduate Courses The University of Melbourne offers more than 340 postgraduate courses: Architecture, Construction management, engineering, forest ecological sciences, landscape architecture, Law (LLM Melbourne), Management (Accounting), music therapy, nursing, real estate, social work, teaching, urban planning, etc.

Starting in 2011, the following courses will be offered only at the graduate level: dentistry, engineering, Medicine, optometry and physiotherapy (usually 3 to 4 years). A. Bachelor’s degree: 3 to 4 years. Bachelor’s Degree with Honours: A three-year degree extended by one year or awarded to outstanding students who have completed a four-year degree. C. Postgraduate Certificate and Postgraduate Diploma, and taught Master Degree d. Professional graduate degree e. Research Master’s degree: 1 to 2 years of study, with the guidance of a professional supervisor, to conduct preliminary research in an area of interest. F. At the doctoral level, qualifications include the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree, which lasts three to four years and involves initial or in-depth research in an area of interest under the supervision of a professional supervisor. Normally, the deadline for applying for the first semester is the end of December and for the second semester is the end of May. English test scores, academic records, recommendation letters and other relevant materials should be attached to the application form. For non-English documents, official translation should be attached.