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There are 39 colleges in Oxford, and the relationship between them and the university is as federal as the relationship between the central government and local government in the United States. Each college is run by Dean and Fellows, who are experts in various academic fields, most of whom have positions in the school. In addition, six quasi-colleges — called Permanent Private Halls for various religious denominations — retain their religious charters to this day.

Of the 39 colleges, All Souls has no students, only scholars (including visiting scholars). The schools vary in size, but all have fewer than 500 students and scholars from different professional disciplines.

The Oxford College system emerged at the birth of the University and gradually became a collection of independent institutions in the city of Oxford.

Admission procedure

British higher education provisions, generally go to the university, do not need to re-enter the entrance examination, with high school graduation results can enter; But you have to apply separately for Oxford and Cambridge. The procedure usually goes like this: First, students who want to enroll need to be recommended by their middle school teacher or principal to enroll a year before they start school. That’s why it’s usually for students with good grades. Oxford and Cambridge then compete for secondary school places, usually three to five times the number of places. Some engineering majors can be lower; others, such as medicine, can be 10 times higher.

Admission to Oxford requires the consent of both the Department and the College. At the end of the year, students admitted to Oxford initially take an examination at an Oxford college. The examination is usually three days, including a written examination and several interviews (oral examinations). Students who pass this time are offered a conditional offer, based on their final high school exam scores in the following year. The general requirement is three main subjects, at least two A* s and one A. But for colder majors or students who really want it, it may be slightly lower. Students who receive this offer can prepare for admission after the holidays if they obtain the required results in the next June exam.