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Fake University of Regina Degree Certificate

University of Regina Degree Certificate, Fake University of Regina Degree Certificate

University of Regina Degree Certificate

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The University of Regina (U of R) was founded as a private missionary high school in 1911, became a branch of the University of Saskatchewan in 1961, and broke off and became an independent public university in 1974. The school is located in Regina, the capital of Saskatchewan Province in south Central Canada. It is one of the famous public colleges and universities in Canada. The University of Regina has 1283 full-time faculty members, 1530 graduate students, 10740 undergraduate students, international students account for 10% of the university, under the 10 schools and 25 departments of 80 majors, a total of more than 80 student associations. The campus surrounding environment is safe and comfortable, the campus environment is more beautiful, the academic qualifications are recognized by the world. Meanwhile, Regina has the lowest cost of living among cities of its size in Canada, so tuition and living expenses are also lower. The University of Regina has three associated colleges, Campion College, Luther College and the First Nations University of Canada, which are located on the University of Regina campus. And both have academic exchange programs with each other.

The University of Regina is one of the first foreign universities to conduct cooperation and exchange between Canadian and Chinese universities. In 2016, it was listed in the top 150 of the World’s emerging universities (established less than 50 years ago) by the British Times Higher Education, and is one of the four Canadian universities to receive this honor.