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Fake University of Western Ontario Degree

University of Western Ontario Degree, Fake University of Western Ontario Degree

University of Western Ontario Degree

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Western University is located in London, Ontario, Canada. London is the tenth largest city in Canada, with a population of 490,000. It is 200 kilometers away from Toronto, Canada’s largest city. Founded in 1878, Western University is one of the oldest universities in Canada. It has a history of more than 100 years in academic aspects, and has made brilliant achievements in business, medicine and liberal arts. The university continues to maintain rapid development and constantly expand its academic research. Especially in recent years, Western University has implemented a series of measures aimed at expanding the traditional strength of the disciplines, in order to achieve the diversification of the major, such as health science, software engineering and so on. It has about 36,000 students, including about 2200 international students from more than 120 countries, accounting for 4.50% of international students. It has 3,200 full-time faculty members and offers more than 2,000 bachelor’s degree and diploma programs. Western University, Queen’s University, University of Toronto, and McGill University formed The rugby league known as The Old Four. Western University covers a total area of 4.67 million square meters, the central campus of 1.58 million square meters, the campus has 75 main buildings, the architectural style of classical and modern fusion. Western University has three undergraduate schools, 12 academic departments, two teaching hospitals and three affiliated research institutes. The University consists of the Faculty of Medicine, Science, Business, Law, Education, Arts, Engineering, Health Sciences, Information and Media Studies, Social Sciences, Music, Graduate Studies, Huron College, King’s College and Brescher College. There is some professional cooperation between the different departments, but they all use a uniform syllabus and standards to grant a uniform Western diploma.