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Victoria Certificate of Education Certificate

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VCE(Victoria Certificate of Education) is the high school graduation certificate of Victoria, Australia, and the annual VCE held between October and November can be understood as the college entrance examination of Victoria, Australia. High school students who plan to take the VCE exam need to take systematic VCE courses in the 11th and 12th grades of high schools in Australia. This is why the study becomes very intense after entering the 11th grade of high school, because every course is to prepare for the university. Online consultation

According to the regulations of Victoria, Australia, English is the only compulsory course for VCE. In addition, students can choose elective courses according to their own strengths and hobbies, such as science, humanities, arts and other courses. In combination with the entrance requirements of Australian universities, all majors have extra requirements for high school VCE courses, so students should take elective courses targeted at the university majors they plan to apply for. For example, Specialist Mathematics is a compulsory course for students applying for engineering in high school. Each course of VCE is divided into 4 units. Units 1 and 2(Unit 1&2) are lower level courses, which are usually completed in Grade 11, while Units 3 and 4(Unit 3&4) are higher level courses, which are usually taken in grade 12. Each unit lasts for 1 semester. VCE subject examinations use a uniform standard scoring system, with a maximum score of 50 in each subject. The student’s final VCE score will be calculated on a pro rata basis based on the student’s usual VCE score and the final VCE examination score. In Victoria, the ATAR (Australian Entrance Examination) is derived from the VCE score of all students in the province. The ATAR score is a reflection of a student’s ranking in the provincial college entrance examination. A full score of 99.95 is obtained with a carry of 0.05 points. A student whose total VCE score is in the top 1% of the total VCE score of all candidates that year receives an ATAR of 99.00. If a student’s overall VCE score is in the top 0.05% range, his ATAR score is 99.95.