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Fake Wagner College Degree

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Wagner College Degree

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Wagner’s students take advantage of the school’s special location to conduct experiments in their field every day. Wagner’s 105 acre campus is home to 1,900 undergraduate and 400 graduate students. The college is affiliated with the Hong Kong Christian Church of America. It is also a fellowship college of American University (ANAC). Wagner College was ranked second among the 366 Best Colleges of 2008 and one of the top 10 Most Beautiful Campuses of 2008 by Princeton Magazine. Each year, new students come from more than 42 states and 15 countries, studying more than 60 majors.

Wagner’s undergraduate programs are Anthropology, Art and Art History, arts administration, biology, biological psychology, business administration, chemistry, computer science, Dance, Economics, Education, English, History, international affairs, mathematics, microbiology, music, nursing, philosophy, physician assistant, Physics, Political Science, public Policy and administration, Psychology, Sociology/Anthropology , Spanish, Theatre and Speech. The graduate courses offered are accounting, business administration, education, nursing, microbiology, senior physician assistant, Education.