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The Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), founded in 1912, is one of New Zealand’s major public higher education institutions and one of the largest polytechnics in New Zealand.

Wintec is located in Hamilton City, the fourth largest city in New Zealand, with three main campuses: urban campus, Hamilton Gardens Campus and Rotokauri Campus.

About 20,000 students are enrolled, including more than 1,700 international students from 60 different countries.

Wintec offers state-of-the-art teaching facilities that help students use modern equipment and technology and have ample opportunities for practical training in a real working environment.

The College provides students with a team of industry-renowned faculty members who are experts in their fields, have a wealth of professional experience, and a strong network of industry contacts.

Wintec offers a range of programmes, including bachelor’s degree programmes, associate diplomas and postgraduate or Master’s diplomas in engineering, technology, science, information technology, basic industries, agriculture, sport, healthcare and social practice, education, Business and enterprise, hospitality management, cuisine, event preparation, English, media and creative industries.

82% of Wintec undergraduate degree graduates are employed within 6 months.

The teaching at FEATURESWintec is hands-on. In the course of learning, students need to deal with various situations they will face in the future. All in a safe, learning-focused environment, of course.
Many of the college’s programs offer internships and opportunities to work in professional fields, and this practice-based learning makes students truly “employment-ready” when they graduate from Wintec.

One of New Zealand’s leading polytechnics, it is rated as a Level 1 (the highest level) teaching institution by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and is an internationally recognised centre of high quality education. Tutors are highly respected professionals in their respective industries, and students will benefit from a wide range of expertise, rich knowledge and experience, as well as industry contacts and relationships maintained through their involvement in research and development projects. Wintec has world-class and award-winning teaching facilities, including a student radio station, an art gallery, practical nursing wards, hairdressing and spa, and science teaching laboratories. Wintec values providing a good environment for the education of its students, an educational atmosphere that is safe, encourages achievement, diversity, mutual respect and strong connections with the community. The College offers a range of internationally recognised academic qualifications from certificates and associate diplomas to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications; 82% of Wintec undergraduate degree graduates are employed within 6 months and are favored and highly recognized in their industry.
The cost of living and accommodation in Hamilton, Wintec’s home city, is significantly lower than in other cities such as Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington.