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Fake Yale University Degree

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Yale University Degree

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One of the goals of Yale’s humanistic education is to cultivate students’ humanistic feelings — a rational attitude to explore the true meaning of life, that is, to care about the realization of the value of life, the freedom and equality of human beings, and the harmony between human beings, society and nature. Hence the words “Light and Truth” are inscribed on Yale’s crest, the clergy who follow in the European tradition of the humanities and train for the church, and more specifically for justice, and for the people — the purpose of education is to prepare young people “for the service of the Church and the public,” reads Yale’s 1701 charter. Richard Levin, the current president of the school, also said, We encourage young students to use their academic and artistic achievements to contribute to society and work for the improvement of human conditions.

In the early 19th century, the United States proposed that the curriculum should focus on practical subjects. Many universities in the eastern United States set up practical subjects one after another. The wave of curriculum reform hit American universities as well as Yale, which was known for its conservatism. It quickly responded to the wave. The result was the publication of the famous Yale Report in 1828 under the leadership of President Jeremiah Day.

The Yale Report strongly affirms the value of the liberal arts education, which focuses on classical subjects, and rejects the practical education of the sciences, claiming that “nothing is more practical than a good theory, nothing is more useful than a liberal education, the courses of instruction offered to undergraduates in universities do not include vocational studies, and specialization must begin later… Mental training will make students more responsible for society. The report is hostile to practical vocational and technical courses, insisting that extensive and in-depth study of common subjects is essential for nurturing and caring students.