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Fake University of Oxford Diploma

University of Oxford Diploma

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Oxford University is located in the city of Oxford, England, on the River Thames, about 80 kilometers from London, is one of the famous cultural cities in Britain.

Oxford University has a total of more than 20,000 students, of which about half are undergraduates, 40% are international students, and the number of staff reaches more than 7,300.

Oxford is located on the east bank of the River Thames, with an area of 30 square kilometers and a population of about 150,000. A quarter of Oxford’s residents are students, making it the youngest city in the UK.
As one of the oldest universities in the UK, the University of Oxford has a rich historical and cultural heritage. Here, many important academic figures were born or developed, such as British poet Rutherford, mathematician Alan Turing, physicist Stephen Hawking and so on.
In addition, Oxford University has established many famous colleges and libraries. The library frequented by the Harry Potter trio is Duke Humphrey’s Library in Oxford University, and the Infirmary was shot from the University of Oxford’s Divinity School.

The University of Oxford has outstanding teaching and research quality: Oxford and Cambridge have alternated in the first and second places in the UK university league tables over the years. Oxford research strength is strong, in its faculty, there are 83 members of the Royal Society, 125 members of the British Academy. In mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, medicine and other fields, it ranks among the best in the UK and even the world.

In nearly 800 years of history, Oxford University has educated five Kings, 26 British Prime ministers (including Gladstone, Attlee, Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair), many foreign heads of government (such as former US President Bill Clinton), nearly 40 Nobel Prize winners and a large number of famous scientists.

There are 104 libraries in Oxford, of which the Bodleian Library is the second largest library in the United Kingdom (after the British Library), with a collection of 6 million volumes. Oxford Press is known worldwide as the largest university press in the world.

There are also generous scholarships: overseas students have the opportunity to receive a variety of generous scholarships, most of which are full. There are many opportunities for overseas students to apply for scholarships at Oxford University, which are worth around £20,000 per year, including tuition fees, accommodation and living expenses. All undergraduates wishing to study at Oxford must apply to the University.