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Recommended: Queen Mary University of London

Queen Mary University of London, short for Queen Mary, QMUL, was founded in 1887 in London, England, named after Queen Mary, the wife of King George V, In 1915, it was incorporated as a member of the University of London Group, buy fake Queen Mary and University College London Diploma, and jointly established the Southern Union of Science and Engineering with the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London and the University of Southampton. Queen Mary is located in London, which is full of opportunities and challenges. Each campus of the University is only about 2 kilometers away from the center of London, buy fake diploma, and there are several subway lines passing by, the transportation is extremely convenient. As one of the many colleges of the University of London Union, students can regularly have various academic exchanges and exchanges with students of other colleges, to broaden their horizons. Buy fake Queen Mary and University College London degree, buy fake Queen Mary and University College London transcript.

School History

Queen Mary University of London joined the University of London Union in 1915. Its history can be traced back to the founding of the Royal College of Medicine in London in 1785, which is regarded as the father of England’s medical schools.

In 1882, Westfield College was established. In 1887, Queen Mary College was founded. 1915 Queen Mary College joined the University of London Group. In 1989, Queen Mary College and Sterfield College merged to form Queen Mary and Westfield College. In 1995, the College merged two famous Medical schools, St Bartholomew’s, established in 1843, and the London Hospital Medical College, established in 1785.

In 2012, the University withdrew from the 1994 University Group and joined the Russell Group of Universities. In 2013, Queen Mary and Sterfield officially changed its name to Queen Mary University of London. In 2014, Queen Mary University of London began offering its own degrees while remaining part of the University London Group.

School Facilities

Thanks to its location, students have access to world-class sports facilities at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park — including the swimming pool where Michael Phelps broke his record for total gold MEDALS.

The university’s campus is home to an award-winning and impressive modern library, as well as medical and dental libraries. In addition to the university’s unique library facilities, Queen Mary shares library resources with the University of London Group and students can borrow from the extensive collection of books in the University of London Libraries.

Advantage Major

Dentistry, Drama and Dance, Accounting and Finance, Materials Science, Economics, Media, History, Law, Media and Film Studies, Medicine, Drama and Dance, Engineering, Materials and Minerals, Economics.

Queen Mary and University College London Diploma

Accommodation on Campus

Students can either live on campus or take a 30-minute subway ride to South Woodford for accommodation. Queen Mary University of London (QMU) is the only university of London college to concentrate all its teaching, research and accommodation on its central London campus, with more than 2,000 modern self-catering rooms. Dormitories are located on or near campus and have a wide variety of rooms, ranging from small apartments that can accommodate 4 to 8 students to much larger dormitories. The University guarantees accommodation for first-year and graduating international students as well as graduate students.