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★ The company has been focused on the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and other countries for the education of college students degree certification and study abroad returned personnel certification, in the certification business has created a good market momentum, has occupied a position, become countless overseas returnees for academic degree certification.

The main business of the company involves: foreign academic degree certification consulting, certificate consulting for returned overseas students. Based on the domestic policy of encouraging overseas students to return to China for employment and entrepreneurship, as well as the great advantages of a large number of overseas students to return to China. The company has been in the direction of intellectual intensive transformation, the establishment of a professional consultant team composed of returned students as the center,

The core part of the company includes: consulting service department, Marketing Department, operation department, consulting team cooperation service system.

★ Business selection handling guidelines ★

First, the role of real letter certification (private enterprises, foreign companies, the witness of honor):

1: The professional certification can prove the true status of international students.

2. At the same time, the professional level of international students will be assessed.

3: The National professional Talent Certification center issued the warehousing certificate

4: This access certificate and can be filed to the place

5: All the information obtained from the network will be gradually updated to the personal identity, and the personal identity card information will be queried in the network of the Ministry of Public Security, and the information of the talent network will be read simultaneously.

6: Personal title review plus 20 points.

7: Personal credit loan plus 10 points.

8: Data will be included in the national online recruitment conference sponsored by the National Talent Network for high-end enterprises such as the National Top 500 to choose talents.

Second, the use of real embassy certification (entrepreneurial incentives, urban settlement, purchase of tax-free cars):

“Certificate of Returning overseas students” is a preferential policy of the state to encourage overseas students to return to China for development. Overseas students holding this certificate can enjoy a number of preferential policies such as purchasing a car tax exemption, proving their overseas study status in China, establishing a business, registering in a big city, and starting a business to apply for various domestic funds.

Third, the job is not determined, return to the country need to first to parents, relatives and friends to see the diploma situation, apply for a school diploma

Fourth, the situation of returning to private enterprises, foreign companies, and their own business, these units do not inquire about the authenticity of the diploma, and there is no domestic channel to inquire about the authenticity of foreign diplomas, and there is no need to provide real certification of the Ministry of Education. In view of this, just apply for a diploma

Five, into state-owned enterprises, banks, institutions, civil servants, etc., these units are necessary to provide real Ministry of Education certification, the Ministry of Education certification required a lot of information and cumbersome, all materials you must provide the original, we rely on rich experience, fast green channel to help you quickly integrate materials, so that you less detour.

★ Little knowledge about the Ministry of Education certification:

Foreign academic degree certification, as a student after returning to employment, settlement, study must submit the certification materials, although the country has no explicit provisions, students must handle after returning to China, is a voluntary behavior, not mandatory. However, according to the relevant provisions of the national ministries and universities and The State Council:

Student certification is a foreign diploma certificate that international students must provide when they return home to apply for civil service, enter state organs, institutions, higher education, large foreign companies, etc., which is not only related to the employment of international students after returning home, but also affects the settlement, further study, and even the strong evidence for international students to apply for overseas high-level talent research start-up funds.

As long as you prepare the materials according to the requirements and submit the materials at one time, it is easy to pass the certification, but because the certification time is relatively long, it is recommended that international students should immediately start to apply for foreign academic degree certification after returning home.

However, there are also some sloppy children’s shoes, accidentally lost certification materials, resulting in certification obstruction. When applying for foreign academic degree certification, submit the materials at one time, so as not to delay the certification time, if the certification materials are lost, how should we apply for foreign academic degree certification

If the transcript is lost, it is necessary to contact the school to make up for it. The official and complete transcript is required for the foreign academic degree certification. If there is no official and complete transcript, it cannot be processed.

If the degree certificate is lost, you need to contact the school to replace it, or issue a letter of proof that you have studied in the school and successfully graduated. If it cannot be issued, it cannot be processed.

If the passport is lost, the applicant should provide: an autograph of the applicant stating that the passport cannot be submitted during the study abroad period: The first page of the new passport or the household register.


There is a certain time limit for foreign students to reapply for their passports during the period of study abroad. According to the relevant regulations of the stay service certification, the passport must be reissued within one year after graduation.

Again, carefully remind the majority of international students, be sure to properly keep all the materials during study abroad, because any of them may be related to your academic certification after returning home. If there is a loss of their own really can not handle, my company can handle!

If you are in one of the following situations:

1. I did not graduate due to various reasons during my study abroad and was unable to obtain a Canadian university.

2: The school where the international student obtained the degree is not recognized by the Ministry of Education, so the degree obtained will not be recognized.

3. The certification materials provided by the international student are untrue and incomplete (lack of Study Permit and entry/exit Visa).

4: The duration of study and residence in Canada does not meet the standard

5: There are problems with the pre-qualification of international students and they are not recognized by the Ministry of Education

6: International students transfer credits, transfer credits will not be recognized.

If you are in the above situations and rush to apply for certification yourself, you will certainly not be passed, and even the submission of materials can not be completed, and the Ministry of Education will not accept it. What is more, because you provide false materials, after being pulled into the certification blacklist, and then want to authenticate, it is simply more difficult than the sky.

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