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Take You to the School of Oriental and African Studies at the University of London

Founded in 1916, the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) of the University of London is Europe’s centre for Asian and African studies, providing high quality education to its students. It was founded in 1917 as the College of the Orient, buy fake SOAS University of London Diploma, but changed to its current name because of the addition of African teaching and research programs. Soas is one of the world’s preeminent centers for Asian and African studies and the most important think tank in Europe and the UK for formulating Asian and African strategies. At the same time, SOAS is a world-renowned university in the University of London system, which has the largest number of scholars studying Oriental and African issues in the world. Founded in 1836, the University of London is one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, buy fake diploma, along with Oxford and Cambridge. SOAS is the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) affiliated to the University of London. It has an international reputation for innovation and interdisciplinary learning, especially its postgraduate programmes in international studies. It mainly takes disciplinary innovation, cross-disciplinary research and international research as its advantages. Soas, whose research concerns two thirds of the world’s population, buy fake SOAS University of London degree, buy fake SOAS University of London transcript, is the UK’s only higher education research institution specialising in Asia and Africa. The school, also known as the College of East and Africa, has many of its graduates as royalty or senior officials from Asia and Africa. It was founded as the College of the Orient, but later changed its name to include more teaching and research programs in Africa. The school’s motto is “Knowledge is power”.

SOAS University of London Diploma

School Features

The international nature of the school is prominent. The school produced a number of diplomats in its early years and remains one of the centers of European studies of the East and Africa, and has the largest number of scholars in this field of study in the world.

School Environment

The University is located in Russell Square in central London and all departments and academic activities are located on the University’s campus in central London. The central building is a modern building with galleries and teaching accommodation, and a new campus in central London, Islington, opened in 2001, with the West End and main student facilities close by. The location makes it easy for students to travel to the West Side for cultural events and is close to the British Museum and the British Library, which defines the West Side as a center for European studies of the East and Africa. The College library has one of the richest collections of Asian and African studies in the world. It was also the place where Johnston, the English teacher of the last emperor Pu Yi, taught. Young Lao She also spent five years of teaching here, and thus embarked on the path of literary creation.

The SOAS Library is the national library of Asian and African materials and one of the largest collections of such materials in the world. The books here are open for borrowing, and scholars from all over the world are expected to drop in and have a look because of its proximity to the new British National Library. The collection of more than one million volumes is most complete with books on Orientalism, law, history, sociology and Southeast Asian languages. The Chinese library also contains many rare and rare Chinese ancient books. Both in the research and collection of high academic value.

Information technology and computers

There are three computer rooms in the main teaching building, all on the Lower Ground Floor. The largest is L53, followed by L62 and RB01. There is also a computer room on the ground floor of Vernon Square, which is less crowded and more relaxed.