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The best degrees with verification

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology fake diploma

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology diploma

The best degrees with verification. When seeking a fake degree, clients often request verification services to ensure authenticity and possibly help pass a background check. At buyfakediplomas.com, we focus more on offering fake college diplomas and fake college transcripts with real layouts and courses. For those looking for verification and trying to avoid scams, this article provides basic tips and insights on the complexities of fake degree verification. Learn how to overcome the pitfalls and make informed decisions in pursuit of the “best verified fake degree.”

Avoid scams – Choose a reliable fake degree verification service
Many websites advertise fake degree verification services at seemingly affordable prices, claiming that their degrees will pass the verification process. Unfortunately, most of these services fail to deliver on their promises, leading to dissatisfied customers and being cheated out of their hard-earned money.

The fact is that many educational institutions and employers rarely verify background checks, which makes dishonest verification services easy to question. As a result, customers end up paying for services they never used or even questioned.

Understand the university degree verification process
Since 2023, the Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) oversees the maintenance, protection, and verification of educational records, including diplomas and degrees. Colleges and universities are required by law to obtain a release form signed by students before releasing any academic records to employers or other educational institutions.

Unfortunately, because the process of obtaining educational records is cumbersome and time-consuming, many industries choose to forgo verification altogether. As a result, fake degree verification services offered by some websites remain ineffective because legitimate institutions will never accept such suspicious verification requests.

The addition of FERPA makes it possible to request educational records and authorizations, which can be tedious and time-consuming. Many industries opt out of this process, and because records are often never verified, the fees paid by fake degree providers willing to provide such services are never used.

The trap of offering fake degree certification sites
Many websites claim to provide phone numbers or websites for verification purposes, but these claims are often misleading. FERPA regulations strictly prohibit third-party verification because records can only be obtained through a direct request from the student himself or herself. Legitimate employers or educational institutions will immediately recognize such verification attempts as fraudulent and dismiss them.

How to identify dishonest verification methods

In order to successfully conduct fake degree verification, companies selling fake degrees need mailing addresses for each city and town, as well as a separate phone number for each area code. However, this requires a staggering 335 phone numbers and 30,825 Po boxes, which is a pretty incredible effort.

Given these challenges and the likelihood of success, customers must focus on the quality of custom printed documents provided by reputable vendors, rather than relying on doomed verification services.

At the end of the day, while some sites offer verified fake degrees, the process is often fraught with problems, and the resulting hassle outweighs the extremely low chance of a positive outcome. Our advice is to avoid these services and prioritize the overall quality of custom printed documents from reliable suppliers.