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“The world’s pre-eminent Centre for Asian and African Studies”

School of Oriental and African Studies; SOAS, founded in 1916, is Europe’s top center for Asian and African studies. It provides high quality teaching to over 3,000 students on campus, buy fake School of Oriental and African Studies Diploma, with over 50% international students, making it one of the most diverse universities in the UK. It is one of the world’s outstanding centers for Asian and African studies, and an important think tank for the development of Asian and African strategies in Europe. Meanwhile, SOAS, University of London, is an outstanding university in the University of London system that enjoys worldwide reputation, buy fake diploma, and has the largest number of scholars in the study of Oriental and African issues in the world. Located in the heart of London, next to the British Museum and the British Library, it is the only higher education institution in the UK specialising in Asia, Africa, the Near and Middle East. Soas has trained heads of state, heads of government, ambassadors, diplomats, Supreme Court justices, a Nobel laureate, and numerous leaders in various fields. Buy fake School of Oriental and African Studies degree, buy fake School of Oriental and African Studies transcript.

According to the QS World University Rankings for Humanities and Arts 2017, SOAS is ranked 39th in the world, including 7th in development studies, 22nd in religious Studies, 23rd in Anthropology, 39th in history and 39th in political science. Other disciplines such as linguistics and modern languages are all among the top 100 in the world. According to the Full University Guide, SOAS’s Finance and Management Studies department is one of the top 10 business research institutions in the UK.

The main campus of SOAS is located in Russell Square in central London and the secondary campus is located in Vernon Square in Islington, a new campus east of King Cross Station in central London. All campuses are in close proximity to major student facilities and major academic activities are located on the central London campus. Apart from the teaching buildings and office buildings, the centre of the school has its own library, Brunei Gallery and teaching accommodation and, being near all the other UoL allied schools, can share living and teaching resources. London is an international city with multi-cultural characteristics, where people of different races, religions and colors live in harmony. More than 100 languages can be heard and spoken in London, and this clash of cultures is reflected in art and commerce, religion and food. The school’s location makes it easy for students to travel to the West Side for cultural events, and is close to the British Museum and the British Library, which defines it as a center of European studies of the East and Africa. The College library has one of the richest collections of Asian and African studies in the world. It was also the place where Johnston, the English teacher of the last emperor Pu Yi, taught. Young Lao She also spent five years of teaching here, and thus embarked on the path of literary creation. The international character of the School is a prominent feature of SOAS. The School, which in its early years produced a considerable number of diplomats, justices, and high-ranking officials, remains one of the centers of European studies of the East and Africa, and has the largest number of scholars in this field of study in the world.

School of Oriental and African Studies Diploma

The Library of SOAS is the national library of Asian and African materials and one of the largest collections of such materials in the world. The books here are open for borrowing, and scholars from all over the world are expected to drop in and have a look because of its proximity to the new British National Library. The collection of more than one million volumes is most complete with books on Orientalism, law, history, sociology and Southeast Asian languages. The Chinese library also contains many rare and rare Chinese ancient books. Both in the research and collection of high academic value. The School is divided into three schools: the School of Law and Social Sciences (Law, Economics, Political Science, Development Studies, Management and Finance Studies); Faculty of Arts and Humanities (History, Anthropology and Sociology, Religious Studies, Music, Art and Archaeology); And the School of Languages and Cultures (Africa, China and Central Asia, Japan and Korea, Linguistics, Near and Middle East, South and Southeast Asia). The College offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes, with degrees awarded by the University of London. The School of Oriental and African Studies is a unique school. It has about 3,700 students studying at the college, 30% of whom are international, and 1,000 students taking distance education courses around the world. Soas is a European center specializing in Oriental and African culture, art and communication. The College consists of five departments, namely, Arts, Law, Music (ethnomusicology), Geography, Economics and Political Science, and 13 departments. They are: Indo-studies and South Asian Modern Languages and Literature; Southeast Asian and island languages and cultures; Modern and Middle Eastern languages and cultures; African languages and cultures; Phonetics and linguistics; History; The law; Anthropology and sociology; Economics; Political science; Geography; Art and archaeology. 6 regional research Centers: South Asian Studies; Southeast Asian Studies; Near and Middle Eastern Studies; African Studies; Institute of Contemporary China; Center for Japanese Studies; Center for Korean Studies. There are also centers for the study of music and for the study of religion and philosophy.