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UMass Amherst diploma

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The University of Massachusetts Amherst (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, abbreviated: UMass Amherst) was founded in 1863, is located in the eastern United States small town of Amherst, is a public research university, is the flagship school of the University of Massachusetts system. The school’s original name was “Massachusetts Agricultural College”, which was established according to the famous “Morrill Land Grant Act (Federal Morrill Land Grant College Act)” in the United States, with the goal of building a school of “agriculture, machinery, military and art”; At the beginning of the 20th century, the school achieved great development, the number of students and the number of majors opened, professional categories greatly expanded, in order to adapt to the transformation of the school’s functions, in 1937, it was renamed “Massachusetts State College”, and in 1947, it was immediately renamed “University of Massachusetts”. That’s the current name.

The University of Massachusetts system is a public university system consisting of four universities and one medical school in Massachusetts, Including the University of Massachusetts Amherst (flagship school), the University of Massachusetts Boston, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, the University of Massachusetts Lowell and the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the total number of students 60,000.
Geographical position

The University of Massachusetts Amherst is located in the town of New England, Massachusetts, a state in the New England region of the northeastern United States, surrounded by hills, forests, lakes and meadows, only a few hours away from Boston and New York City. The town is east of the Atlantic Ocean, an area of 21,000 square kilometers, a population of 6.449 million (2007), the capital of Boston. Most of the area is undulating hills, sea erosion landforms and moraines are widely spread, the northwest is part of the New England Highlands, the northwest corner of Mount Greylock 1064 meters above sea level, the highest point in the state. The coastline twists and turns, many good harbours. It is a temperate continental climate with an average annual precipitation of 1000 mm. The central Kuobin Reservoir, covering 101 square kilometers, is the main source of water for the city. There are 19 major rivers in the state, the most famous being the Connecticut River and the Charles River. 1200 large and small lakes and ponds.
School history

The University of Massachusetts Amherst campus was established in 1863 and is the flagship of the five campuses of the University of Massachusetts system.

The university was ranked 19th in the 2011 Times Higher Education Supplement of the World’s 100 most prestigious universities and 56th in the world’s 200 best universities.
Campus environment

The school is part of the Massachusetts League of Five Schools. The establishment of the New York to Boston railroad in the 19th century brought growth to the area. The folk literature and art atmosphere here is unusually strong, so it continues to attract the urban wealthy class. They have given it a reputation for creativity and cynicism. Many of their luxurious homes, known as “Berkshire cottages,” survive to this day. The area continues to attract the town-and-country (work in the city, live in the suburbs) crowd, eager to spend a vibrant summer before leaving as the red leaves fall. Leaving the Berkshires silent in the snow for six months.

Massachusetts has lush forests, granite everywhere, and countless small lakes. Then there’s Nantucket Island, a popular resort.

Massachusetts has a very distinct climate. The average temperature in January is around -1.7°C, while the average temperature in July is 22°C.
Faculty setting

The University of Massachusetts Amherst campus is the leading research facility of the University of Massachusetts, with more than 25,000 enrolled students from all fifty states and nearly 100 countries. The Amherst campus was established in 1863 and has a national and international reputation for computer science, business, nanotechnology, polymer science, linguistics, and engineering.

The Business School at the University of Massachusetts Amherst consists of six departments: Accounting and Information Systems; Financial and operational management; Tourism management; Management; The Market; Sports management; Business communication. UMass Amherst’s MBA program is highly rated in the Princeton Review. The University consists of the following schools: the College of Public Service (the state’s honors College), the College of Education, the College of Engineering, the College of Food and Natural Resources, the College of Humanities and Fine Arts, the Isenberg School of Management, the College of Nursing, the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, the College of Public Health and Wellness, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the Graduate School.
Teaching characteristics

A major feature of the school is the opportunity for undergraduates to participate directly in research. The University of Massachusetts Amherst has about 18,000 students and 6,000 graduate students each year, coming from all 50 states and nearly 100 other countries, but most of the students come from Massachusetts. Students can earn bachelor’s degrees, associate degrees in 6 fields, master’s degrees in 68 fields, and doctoral degrees in 50 fields in the university’s 10 undergraduate and graduate schools. UMass offers more than 70 overseas study and student exchange opportunities for university and graduate students, and nearly 100 educational institutions abroad. The University of Massachusetts Amherst campus offers service and volunteering opportunities.