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University of Birmingham Degree

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The University of Birmingham (University of Birmingham or Birmingham University) is a large public comprehensive university in the United Kingdom, located in the suburbs of Birmingham city center in England, is a member of the Russell Group of universities, is one of the old red brick universities in the United Kingdom. In 1900, it was awarded the Royal Charter of the United Kingdom, and in addition to its reputation as a red brick university, the University of Birmingham is also a founding member of the Russell University Group and the International Network University (Universitas 21).

The University of Birmingham has one of the world’s most famous libraries, the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, which houses works by Van Gogh, Picasso, Monet and others. It also includes the Lapworth Museum of Geology and the Cadbury Research Library, which houses Middle Eastern documents and the Chamberlain collection. The Joseph Chamberlain Memorial Clock Tower has become a well-known local coordinate. The University of Birmingham has a total of 8 Nobel Prize winners.

The University of Birmingham was formally established in 1900 and represents an innovation in higher education. The school is a municipal university, students of different backgrounds and religious beliefs can enjoy equal treatment and opportunities.
Reasons for choosing this school

1, the University of Birmingham is located in the United Kingdom’s second largest city Birmingham, was founded, then called Birmingham Medical School, in 1900 became a university of Birmingham is one of the British history of the famous red brick university, is currently a member of the Russell Group of universities, is also a world-renowned top institution. .

2. The University of Birmingham campus consists of two campuses. Edgbaston Campus is recognized as one of the best campuses in the UK, with clear lake water, trees and buildings, with a strong ancient century style, giving students an elegant atmosphere to enjoy learning. The Selly Oak campus is located on an 80-acre garden strip just outside the city center. The architecture here is different from the style of the downtown campus, which is composed of ancient buildings and modern buildings.

3. The original research objectives of the University of Birmingham were mainly science, industry and engineering. After a century of development, the University has now developed into an academically oriented comprehensive university, with research objectives extending to various fields and demonstrating outstanding research results. To become a world-class research university (including the development of a plastic heart that works instead of a heart, the synthesis of vitamin C, the laying of the botanical and geological foundations of the British Antarctic Expedition, etc.). In addition to enjoying an excellent reputation in scientific research, the University of Birmingham has also won international praise in the fields of humanities and social sciences, education, and law, and has been ranked among the best in the British Council of Education University Research Assessment. The University of Birmingham’s main library is home to learning resources and one of the largest academic libraries in the UK.

4. The University of Birmingham offers a wide range of undergraduate, master’s and doctoral programs, including the Faculty of Arts, Business, Social Sciences, Law, Engineering, medicine, Science and Education. Among the most popular majors are: dentistry, medicine, electrical and electrical engineering, English, language studies, history, business, architectural design, physics and astronomy, sociology, molecular biology, etc. The University of Birmingham maintains close ties with local industry and commerce, creating good conditions for students to work as interns. The University of Birmingham has also become one of the top UK universities for large companies looking to recruit new staff.