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University of Calgary Degree

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The University of Calgary is located in the northwest of Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and is one of the top seven research universities in Canada. It was formerly known as the University of Alberta at Calgary. In 1966, independent student degrees were granted.

The University of Calgary’s rink was one of the venues for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and was the first indoor speed skating rink in North America. 17 of the 30 long-track speed skating world records have been produced here, so it is also known as having the “fastest ice in the world”. Short track speed skating venues are also equipped with unique cushioning pads to protect the safety of athletes. Skating teams from many countries in the world, including China, have trained here. Although it is a world-class ice rink, it is open to students, staff and the community.
Reasons for choosing this school

1, The University of Calgary is a comprehensive research university in Canada’s comprehensive research university is one of the 15 research intensive universities in Canada. Established in 1966, the University of Calgary operates under the authority of the Province of Alberta’s Post-secondary Study Act. The University of Calgary campus covers more than 200 hectares, an area larger than the entire downtown area of Calgary. The University of Calgary has 14 faculties (offering over 100 academic programs) and more than 85 institutes and research centres. The University of Calgary currently has more than 31,000 students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs. In its 44-year history, the University of Calgary has graduated more than 145,000 alumni, including Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian astronaut Robert Thirsk. The University of Calgary has a wide range of academically based programs, including: undergraduate academic success, research excellence, scholarship and creative activities, interdisciplinary education and research, and return to the community. The University of Calgary has nearly completed its largest capital expansion ever, with several new buildings that will house more students and enable more emerging teaching and research activities. Many of the more than 20 academic buildings on the University of Calgary’s main campus are connected by enclosed walkways, and the University of Calgary has more than 1,800 faculty members actively engaged in research, scholarship and teaching. There are more than 2,000 support faculty around the world. The University of Calgary has an economic impact of more than $1 billion in the Calgary region alone.
Geographical position

The university is located in Calgary city in the southern province of Alberta, western Canada, 200 kilometers north of Montana, the first big city after crossing the Rocky Mountains, and one hour’s flight time from Vancouver.
School history

Founded in 1945 as the University of Alberta, the University of Calgary became an independent university in 1966. In just 40 years, the University of Calgary has rapidly developed into one of Canada’s foremost research universities.
Campus environment

The University of Calgary’s rink was one of the venues for the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics and was the first indoor speed skating rink in North America.

Calgary is an emerging city developed by the oil industry, and is the second largest Canadian corporate headquarters dense, beautiful environment.
School characteristics

The University of Calgary has become increasingly important in domestic and international research and teaching status, and has been listed in the top ten scientific research forces of Canadian universities. It is not only a member of nine national excellent research centers, but also the only special qualification education center in the country, and its International Tourism Education and Research center is recognized by the World Tourism Organization, which is the only research center outside Europe.
Faculty setting

The University of Calgary offers over 100 bachelor’s degree programs. There are 70 master’s degree programs and 40 doctoral degree programs, offering flexible teaching programs and interdisciplinary degrees to enhance the student learning experience.

Its business school is one of 17 business schools in Canada to receive AACSB International accreditation.
Teaching characteristics

Kinesiology and architecture majors are well known in North America. Social work is the largest profession in Canada. The combined engineering and liberal arts program is also offered for 5 years of study.

Whether it’s English or engineering, students can get a 4-8 week paid internship, and in recent years the school has expanded its investment in medical education.