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The University of Lethbridge (also known as U of L) is a public university located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, with its main building located on the west side of the Oldman River. The school was founded in 1967. The University of Lethbridge is the best post-secondary education institution in Canada, the school’s focus on liberal arts education, selected professional courses, small classes, face-to-face teaching, student cooperation and participation in the research projects provided by the faculty ensure the excellence of the education we provide. In terms of master’s level education, the school is very successful in specializations in the arts, sciences, education and management.
Reasons for choosing this school

1. The University of Lethbridge was founded in 1967 as a liberal arts school, but today the University of Lethbridge has developed into a comprehensive university with a wide range of courses. The university has more than 500 faculty members and nearly 8,500 undergraduate and graduate students. Courses taught at the University of Lethbridge include education, fine arts, health sciences, humanities, management, nursing, sciences, and social sciences. The University of Lethbridge offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. The University of Lethbridge is located in Lethbridge, Alberta, within walking distance of the Rocky Mountains, two hours south of Calgary and just an hour from the northern border of the United States. Lethbridge is a small city with a population of only 80,000, located quietly in the southwest corner of Alberta. Lethbridge has a mild climate in winter. In addition, the University of Lethbridge has campuses in Calgary and Edmonton. Over the past decade, the University of Lethbridge has grown rapidly, with the addition of eleven new buildings reflecting a surge in student numbers. Despite its rapid growth, the University of Lethbridge has always maintained a rigorous attitude and dedication. As one of Canada’s top undergraduate institutions, the University of Lethbridge is committed to providing academic, professional and personal support to its students. The University of Lethbridge also carries out innovative research activities in a variety of disciplines.

Located in the Oldman River Valley, the modern main school building and other buildings have a unique style that naturally and harmoniously blends into the beautiful natural landscape. The school has modern classrooms, laboratories, libraries, music and art studios, high-performance computers with new software, a computer network throughout the campus and high-speed Internet service. The University of Lethbridge student life is rich and colorful, there are a variety of sports and cultural clubs and student associations, often organized concerts, theater performances and art exhibitions, to campus life adds a rich cultural connotation, conducive to students to increase self-cultivation and more understanding of the local culture and customs.