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The University of Manitoba (University of Manitoba, abbreviated U of M) is a large public comprehensive national university, founded in 1877, located in the large city of Winnipeg in central Canada, providing undergraduate, master’s, doctoral, vocational diploma, diploma courses five types of degree.

The University of Manitoba has three campuses: the Bannatyne Campus, the Fort Garry Campus, and the William Norrie Centre, with Fort Garry being the main campus.
Reasons for choosing this school

1. Why choose the University of Manitoba? .

2, the University of Manitoba is the largest university in Manitoba, there is a college for students to choose important not only size and scale, important is your choice. The University of Mannibato offers more academic programs, student support, campus services, scholarships, and bursaries than any other post-secondary institution in the province. This means that students have more opportunities to use their higher education to find enviable careers.

3. As a student, you can also benefit from real-life innovators in your classroom, from more opportunities for undergraduate research, and from more opportunities to meet, learn, and become future leaders.

First Nations, Metis and Inuit students can thrive at the University of Manitoba because the University of Manitoba has a vibrant local student and faculty community, outstanding curriculum, and amazing new facilities that are at the heart of the Aboriginal community.

5. You discover and learn more outside the classroom.

6. The University of Manitoba has a student society and leisure club, co-op work opportunities, travel exchange programs, and national and international community service programs. The University of Manitoba provides students with more ways to connect, improve student leadership skills and increase students’ knowledge of the world.

7. When you combine all of these with the same beautiful campus and passionate community, it’s easy to see why the University of Manitoba is a playground for dreamers, innovators and trailblazers.

Geographical position

University of Manitoba (University of Manitoba), referred to as the University of Manitoba, is located in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba Province, Canada known as the “northern Chicago” reputation, located in the central region of Canada, 70 kilometers from the border with the United States, is a very beautiful city with four distinct seasons, known as the “northern Chicago” reputation. The famous Red River runs through the city and you can enjoy large green Spaces, natural forests and friendly citizens; Winnipeg is also a very modern city.

Winnipeg is also the “performing arts capital” of Canada, home to world-class ballet companies, symphony orchestras, and theatres large and small. Every year, the world’s largest multicultural arts festival is held here.
School history

Founded in 1877, the University of Manitoba was the first university in western Canada. In 1901, the Manitoba Legislature amended the Universities Act, allowing universities to offer their own courses. In 1905, a building in downtown Winnipeg became the first teaching institution, staffed by six scientists and professors. The governing model was modeled on the Toronto Provincial University Act of 1906, which established a bicameral system: a Senate composed of departments responsible for academic policy, and a governing board composed of civilians responsible for financial policy and other matters. The President is appointed by the Management Committee and is responsible for coordinating the two parties and implementing the leadership of the institution. In the early 20th century, professional education expanded beyond traditional theology, law, and medicine. Based on the American model under the influence of Germany, the model of students conducting subject research and completing a thesis after graduation was introduced.

The first school of architecture in Western Canada was established at the University of Manitoba in 1919.

For the purpose of developing education and improving the quality of the population, the University of Manitoba is striving to build a world-class comprehensive, research-oriented and innovative university. Adhering to the spirit of innovation, the school is committed to creating and disseminating knowledge, carrying forward and inheriting civilization, serving and leading society, actively promoting national prosperity, social development and human progress, and creating the greatest happiness for people in Manitoba, Canada and the world.
Campus environment

The University of Manitoba hosts many recreational activities each year, including swimming, adult classes, and many summer activities for children. The University’s FrankKennedy Centre, Max Bell Centre and Investor’s Groups Athletic Centre have indoor running tracks, swimming pools, sports facilities, an international ice hockey rink, basketball courts, volleyball courts, squash and handball venues.

The ActiveLivingCenter, which opened in 2015, was recently selected by the National Intramural Recreation and Sports Association (NIRSA) for the Outstanding Athletic Facility Award, among 14 facilities of its kind in North America and the first Canadian facility to receive the award in 30 years.

● A 12m-high climbing wall covering 100,000 square feet

●200 meters of upper runway 1,000 fitness equipment available for free

● It is also equipped with research centers and fitness studios

The main art Gallery on campus is “Gallery One One One”.
School characteristics

The University of Manitoba, as a member of Canada’s Top Research Universities Organization (U15) and the Alliance of Advanced Colleges and Universities of Canada (AUCC), is well known in Canada and around the world. The university’s engineering department is renowned throughout the country, the School of Medicine, the School of Agriculture and the Asbo Business School are the best colleges in Canada, of which medicine and pharmacy are ranked 91 in the world, and the Business school is ranked 89 in the world. Its School of Science, School of Art, School of music, school of education and other 21 schools have a high reputation in North America. In the past 100 years, the university has made remarkable achievements in scientific research. The university has 98 Rhodes Prize winners, more than any other Canadian institution (after the University of Toronto and McGill University), and in the last 30 years, the University of Manitoba has won more Rhodes scholarships than any other Canadian institution.

The University of Manitoba, together with the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and the University of Washington in the United States, has formed a world-class research team that has made great contributions to AIDS research and helped African countries to prevent and control AIDS. The University of Manchester is also a world leader in Arctic climate change research. Alumnus John Alexander Hopps, inventor of the world’s first artificial heart pacemaker, is known as the “father of biomedical engineering.” Alumnus Jim Peebles, an astrophysicist, was the 2005 Crawford Prize winner. Professor Carol Shields is a Pulitzer Prize winner.