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University of San Francisco Degree

University of San Francisco is located in the city of San Francisco, which is known as the “gateway to the West Coast”. Founded in 1855, University of San Francisco is an excellent comprehensive university with a century-old reputation, offering 17 undergraduate programs and 9 graduate programs. In 2007, You can get your fake University of San Francisco diploma right here, the University of San Francisco ranked 112th among more than 3,600 universities in the United States, according to the prestigious magazine USnews and world report, and you can get fake University of San Francisco transcript here. Its business school was ranked as one of the 100 best business schools in the world by the Wall Street Journal in 2005, and its business school’s entrepreneurship program ranks first in California (ahead of Stanford University, University of California, Los Angeles, etc.). The University of San Francisco is a representative of professional development universities in the United States. Its undergraduate education is famous for its entrepreneurial spirit, and it is known as the cradle of Chinese chairmen. (Wang Yin, vice chairman of China Resources Land, and Shan Weijian, managing director of J.P. Morgan, are alumni.) The graduate education is famous for its innovative spirit. It is an American university offering master of financial analysis, sports management ranks the third in the United States, and the entrepreneurship training course introduced by Master of Computer Science enjoys a high reputation in Silicon Valley. On the non-academic side, USF also ranks high in rankings such as smaller class sizes and a diverse campus.

Campus environment

The University of San Francisco (USF for short) was founded in 1855, located in the city of San Francisco. The schoolhouse is in a unique position, standing on the top of one of the seven peaks of the city, overlooking the beautiful San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Bridge, overlooking the Chinatown of San Francisco, and the downtown is just below. Since its establishment, the school aims to cultivate students to study hard and serve the spirit of society. The curriculum and academic research programs of the University give teachers, students and researchers the opportunity to improve their academic and professional qualities through study and research and become successful talents in the 21st century.

Campus life


Gillson: First year, single-sex floor, eight floors. Hayes-Healy: First year, single-sex floor, 9 floors. Phelan: All current students, male and female floors, single sex rooms, single, double and triple rooms, 7 floors in total. Fromm: First year, all female students under the age of 21, 5 floors. Lone Mountain: For students younger than 21, there are both single-sex floors and mixed accommodation, with seven floors. Pedro Arrupe: All returning students, single sex floor, 4 floors. Fulton House: Students younger than 21, single sex (varies by year), 2 floors. Loyola Village: 2014

Food and beverage

There are 6 cafes in total. THE MARKET CAFe, OUTTAHERE CAFe, CROSSROADS CAFe, CLUB ED CAFe, OUTTAKES CAFe, KENDRICK CAFe, serving a variety of food from staple food to snacks, vegetarian food to drinks.

Campus Activities

USF has a large number of student clubs. Joining academic, cultural, hobby, service and sports clubs is undoubtedly a quick way to integrate into campus life. Of course, joining students can also exercise their ability to integrate into the community.

Surrounding environment


The urban area is 116 square kilometers. It has a population of 713,000 and a metropolitan area (including Oakland, Berkeley, etc.) of 3.253 million.

Cultural Life

The school belongs to the West Coast Alliance. San Francisco’s magnanimity is a natural, spontaneous expression of all the facets of city life — food, architecture, music. In addition to the delicious, fresh and creative California food, you can also eat some of the best French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese food in the country. Here, the Victorian houses throughout the city are pleasing to the eye, as are the Greco-Roman “Palace of Art”, the dragon carving of the Chinatown gates, the Oriental style of the Five Towers of Japanese Town, and the restaurants in North Beach painted in Italian colors. It has everything you’d expect from a big city: world-class ballet, elegant classical music, Broadway musicals, full-blown jazz, all blended into San Francisco’s urban rhythm. All this is true of the American writer William Saloyan who said, “If you live, San Francisco will not tire you; If you’re dead, San Francisco will bring you back to life.”

Natural landscape

San Francisco looks like a copy of Europe because there are so many coffee houses. SAN Franciscans love coffee so much that they tend to measure their lives by coffee spoons. There are at least 40 ways to make coffee, and around 250 recipes worth trying. SAN Franciscans are used to seeing coffee houses as community centers where they make friends, listen to poetry, and read alternative publications. Poetry and newspaper reading are the basic components of coffee culture, and specialty coffee is the essence of coffee culture. In addition, lemon juice, herbs and so on are also very popular in San Francisco, they are good seasoning when drinking coffee. Downtown San Francisco is connected to the surrounding towns by Bridges. It is built of colorful, low-rise buildings around hills. There are 42 hills, large and small, and many of the streets are quite steep. The most distinctive scenic spot is “Jiudaowan” curve steepest 20-45 degrees, the car full power may not be able to climb the slope. The buses in these areas can only be serviced by a special cable car. It takes some driving skills to drive around here. The famous San Francisco cable car system was designed by Scottish engineers in 1873. The cable car is mounted on a continuously moving steel cable, which is placed on the Central Line of the street in a circular circuit, powered by a rail car on Mason Street. The driver controls the car’s movement through a pincer lever, and the average operating speed is between 30 and 40 kilometers per hour. Today, San Francisco’s cable cars still have three lines in operation. The most popular are the Bowell — Maison and Powell-Hyde lines, which both use one-way traffic. Although San Francisco’s cable cars can be crowded at times, people are still used to riding them. The tram offers an irresistible charm. Jumping aboard one of the oldest wooden cable cars at sunset is like a ticket to San Francisco city life 100 years ago. San Francisco has become an incomparable “movie star” in this century, and films with city locations always choose San Francisco as the location. It has inspired many directors, from blockbuster films to commercial soap operas. Today, San Francisco is known as “North Hollywood” because of the number of camera crews in the city every month; On the other hand, San Francisco itself became the center of the film industry. Apparently, San Francisco is a “movie star” who will never retire.


Belonging to the subtropical Mediterranean climate, the climate is warm in winter and cool in summer, full of sunshine, known as “the most popular city in America”.

The traffic

San Francisco Airport: Flights to all major cities. (Transfer in Chicago, Atlanta, etc., depending on the airline) There are several ways to get to school after getting off the plane: 1. There is a shuttle just outside the airport. You can get enough people to your destination. The usual fare is $17, plus $3 tip. 2. Take Bart. Direct Bart access from the airport to Pittsburg/Bay Point, get off at Powell station and onto Market and Powell Street, Take Muni Bus No.5 and get off at Fulton&Clayton Street. There’s a map at the bus stop. 3. Take a Taxi. Find the designated place according to the directions on the road sign.

Surrounding enterprises

The USF Career Center provides assistance to students and alumni in writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, finding a job or internship, exploring careers and majors, and applying to graduate schools. With USF’s most comprehensive career database, DonsCareers is able to provide students with job listings, help students find jobs or internships, and attend on-campus career fairs at career centers. Famous alumni: In addition to 3.1% of the chairman-level managers of Taiwan listed companies are alumni of the University of San Francisco, other alumni we are familiar with include: Shan Weijian, partner of Newbridge Investment, who acquired the First Bank of Korea in 2001 and 17.89% of the shares of “Shenzhen Development” in 2005; Chen Liwu: Founder of Walden International, investor in Sina; Zhuang Sihao: Create the world’s sixth largest software company


The university provides 24-hour patrols, night escorts and security cameras throughout the campus and dormitory areas. An alarm goes off on campus in case of an emergency. Police officers also pay much attention to safety education in daily life and conduct emergency training for students in case of crisis.