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The University of Waterloo (University of Waterloo) is located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, founded in 1957, mathematics, computer, engineering disciplines known, covers an area of about 1,000 acres. The University of Waterloo also has four branch campuses and is a member of the Canadian U15 University Alliance. It has the largest Faculty of Mathematics in the world. Waterloo’s team has won several ACM International Collegiate Programming competitions.

The University’s history can be traced back to the Waterloo College Associate Faculties, founded on July 1, 1957, as a semi-autonomous departmental institution of Waterloo College (now Wilfrid Laurel University), then affiliated with the University of Western Ontario. The institution was formally separated from Waterloo College in 1959 and upgraded to university status. The University was established to train engineers and technicians for Canada’s post-war economic growth.

The University of Waterloo is a research-oriented medium-sized public university, known for its co-operative education, which focuses on both study and internship, and undergraduates will work in related institutions for internships during the course of the program. In 2014, it was ranked the third Best Overall by Maclean, the authoritative guide to Canadian universities, only below McGill and UBC, and above UofT.
Reasons for choosing this school

1. Located in the heart of southwestern Ontario, the University of Waterloo is considered one of Canada’s most innovative universities. The University of Waterloo conducts teaching and research and scholarships in six faculties: Applied Health Sciences, Liberal Arts, Engineering, Environment, Mathematics and Science, as well as in the Federal School and affiliated faculties, which include: St. Jerome University, Conrad Glibel University College, Rennison University College, St. Paul University College. The University of Waterloo has nine professional faculties: Accounting and Finance, Architecture, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Business and Development, International Affairs, optometry, Pharmacy, Planning, Public Health and Health care Systems, and Social Engineering. From the beginning, the University of Waterloo has been forward-looking, understanding and responding to the needs of society. The University of Waterloo has the largest higher education co-op program in the world. More than half of the 27,000 undergraduates choose research courses. Graduates equipped with the knowledge, skills and practical experience can tackle the complex and pressing issues of today’s world and face the challenges of the unknown. Developing future leaders is just one part of the University of Waterloo’s mission. As a research-intensive university, the University of Waterloo has 1,023 full-time faculty and 4,400 graduates who are committed to discovering new knowledge and finding ways to use it for the benefit of humanity. The University of Waterloo is a national leader in both the transformation of ideas and the application of technology in the private sector.
Geographical position

The University of Waterloo is located in Canada’s richest Great Lakes region.

The University of Waterloo is a 5-minute bike ride or 15-minute walk from the centre of Waterloo.
School history

The University of Waterloo is a research-oriented, medium-sized public university founded in 1957. The school is located in Waterloo, Ontario, and is known for its co-operative education, which emphasizes both learning and internship.

From 2011 to 2013, the school has been ranked third in the Canadian comprehensive university ranking by Maclean’s magazine, and is one of the best universities in North America.
Campus environment

The University of Waterloo is located in Canada’s richest Great Lakes region, Waterloo, Ontario, only 1 hour’s drive from Toronto and 1.5 hours’ drive from Niagara Falls.

Waterloo is a safe, friendly and clean medium-sized city that provides students with a good learning and living environment.
School characteristics

The University of Waterloo is a famous comprehensive public university with perfect teaching facilities, advanced scientific research equipment and strong academic force. It consists of the College of Arts, the College of Science, the College of Engineering, the College of Mathematics, the College of Environment and the College of Applied Health Sciences.

The University of Waterloo is the only college in North America, which is also the world’s largest mathematics and computer education and research center.
Faculty setting

The University of Waterloo has six faculties, namely, the Faculty of Medical Sciences, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Mathematics, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Science, and the Faculty of Environmental Studies.

The university offers more than 100 undergraduate degree programs and 28 master’s and doctoral programs.
Teaching characteristics

The most distinctive educational program is the “Cooperative Education Program”. Cooperative education refers to a method in which universities and some units in society cooperate to train and educate talents.

Cooperative education programs require students to alternate full-time work (content related work) and study in the workplace and on campus at regular intervals (usually one semester).