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Buy fake diploma of University of West of Scotland fake diploma

University of West of Scotland Diploma, Buy Fake University of West of Scotland Diploma

University of West of Scotland Diploma

Buy fake diploma of University of West of Scotland fake diploma. University of the West of Scotland (University of the West of Scotland), founded in 1897, is a public university located in the west of Glasgow, is a very young university, and the university of education in the UK ranked first, civil engineering in the UK ranked third. The University of the West of Scotland is located in the center of Glasgow, with a very beautiful scenery and a quiet atmosphere, to Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland only takes about an hour by train. All the student apartments are also near the campus, which can be reached quickly by a short bus ride, and the apartments can be divided into several types according to the needs of students, such as student apartments with shared bathrooms and student apartments with their own bathrooms. It is convenient to travel, equipped with cleaning staff and 24-hour campus security, and the campus Wifi covers the whole area, which is very convenient for students to study and live efficiently and safely.

Iii. Academic requirements of the school

l Undergraduate academic requirements

1. At least 17 years old, have passed the senior high school Entrance examination, and the average score is more than 80 points (100 points); Or excellent NCEE/ Gaokao scores;

2. Each student is required to prepare 1 Personal Statement and 2 Academic Recommendation letters.

l Postgraduate academic requirements

1. Have a bachelor’s degree or other equivalent.

2. The average score of Chinese undergraduate students is more than 75 points (100 points system); Or British undergraduate average score of second class or above (50 points or above); Or a UK postgraduate foundation score of 70 or above;

3. Each undergraduate student is required to prepare 1 Personal Statement and 3 Academic Recommendation letters. Or 2 Academic Recommendation letters and 1 Working Recommendation Letter.

4. School language requirements

l Undergraduate language requirements:

IELTS minimum score of 6, and no less than 5.5 in a single subject;

l Postgraduate language requirements:

IELTS minimum 6.5, with no less than 6 in a single subject;

5. Outline of College & Specialty Setup

The university has two campuses, namely Scotland campus and London campus. The Scottish campus has a total of four colleges, which can provide different levels of professional programs from undergraduate to doctoral students. In addition to education and civil engineering, the school has the first-tier strength in 5G research in Europe, and in the 2016 student satisfaction survey, the school of Business and the School of Engineering both achieved 100% satisfaction. Of course, the school also sets up a large number of general professional courses, including but not limited to: accounting, management, business administration, human resources, design, medicine and health, architecture, psychology and so on.