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What are The Rules and Difficulties of CELTA?

CELTA Certificate

Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. CELTA has a high language requirement. buy fake CELTA Certificate. It usually requires native English speakers, or those with a language level close to that of native English speakers. CELTA is the primary qualification for people with little or no teaching experience to enter the field of English teaching. buy fake diploma, buy fake certificate. CELTA Certificate, which belongs to the advanced category of TESOL certificate system, is not only applicable to teaching adult English teacher certificate, but also a part of British continuing education teaching Certificate and TESOL International English Teacher Certificate. Every year, more than 1,000 people complete the CELTA program. The CELTA certificate is recognised by a number of organisations involved in language teaching around the world and was listed as part of the UK’s National Qualifications Framework. shopping fake CELTA Certificate, order fake CELTA Certificate.

Content of Assessment

To earn a CELTA certificate, candidates must first take CELTA courses. The course is offered either full-time (usually four weeks) or part-time. (Language Link China, the only authorized school in Beijing, offers a full-time program.)

The study of this course is mainly divided into five contents:

The contextual relationship between learner and teacher, teaching and learning

* Language analysis and language awareness

Language skills (listening, speaking, reading, writing)

Prepare lessons and use different teaching resources

Teaching skills and career development

CELTA does not set up a unified written examination of the completion of the course, the whole course learning process is the process of evaluating candidates. The assessment of the course is carried out by authorized and certified training officers and examiners from the ESOL Examinations Unit of the University of Cambridge Examinations Board. The assessment results of the trainees include the following two aspects:

Practice of teaching

Candidates are required to complete six hours of teaching assignments in two different language level classes. The score is determined by the student’s overall performance during the six hours of instruction.

Teaching and learning report

Candidates are required to complete four essays on adult learning, English Language systems, language skills and classroom teaching.

Candidates’ scores are divided into three levels: “Pass”, “Pass B” and “Pass A”.

Subject of examination

* Expats who want to teach English language

For those with less teaching experience, the CELTA certificate is a “passport” to work in English teaching overseas, and the CELTA course can provide a solid foundation for their language teaching practice.

* People who want to change careers or break career barriers

An increasing number of CELTA certificate candidates are former professionals in some type of profession. Some of them are looking for new career opportunities, while others are looking for opportunities to teach and live overseas.

* Those who have been teaching English but have not yet obtained professional qualifications

For teachers who have not yet received formal training, CELTA certification can help them improve their teaching skills and lead to internal promotions or better teaching jobs.

: : People wanting to work in further, adult and community education in England and Wales

According to the relevant regulations of the British government, anyone who wants to work as an English teacher in England and Wales must have a CELTA certificate.