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What is NVQ?

NVQ Certificate

UK National Vocational Qualifications System (NVQ), Britain is one of the most important industrialized market economies in the world and the birthplace of the industrial Revolution. Britain has established a relatively sound modern industrial system and market economic system, as well as education and training When developed. Since 1986, buy fake NVQ Certificate, the UK has carried out the national vocational qualification certificate system in all types of enterprises throughout the country, and it requires that workers of different ages and reserve labor force can follow a certain standard within a certain period of time. buy fake certificate. The proportion is required to achieve the corresponding level of the National Basic Vocational Qualification (GNVQ) or National Vocational Qualification (NVQ). The UK’s NVQ system has been very successful for more than a decade. More than 60 were held in London in 1997. The NVQ International Conference, attended by countries and regions, summed up the experience in this area. Order fake NVQ Certificate, obtain fake NVQ Certificate.

Characteristics of NVQ

NVQ (National Vocational Qualification System) is the national Vocational qualification system. It is a new type of vocational qualification which is guided by the national occupational standard and based on the actual work performance

The certificate system.

NVQ covers all occupations and includes all skills and skills from the beginning to senior management

Knowledge level: There are five levels of NVQ, each reflecting the knowledge and capabilities required for the actual work, as well as the responsibilities and authority that the person has in the work.

NVQ is short for the National Vocational Qualification Certificate System, which mainly includes the National Vocational Qualification Standard System,

Professional qualification evaluation system, certificate issuance management and quality supervision and management system for professionals and institutions.

1. Competency based professional standards system. The UK NVQ system of occupational standards system to occupation

Based on competency, it measures what a person can do, not just what he knows. This is at the heart of the NVQ regime in the UK. NVQ has an industry guidance body for each industry and is made up of professionals who are mainly representatives of industry people (employers). Its main task is to work in the country

Under the guidance of the framework, the development of national occupational standards in various industries. The UK has set thousands of professional standards in 150 industries and professions since 1986. This system of professional standards establishes career-oriented teaching

The goal of education and training fundamentally changes the tendency of traditional education and training to emphasize theory over practice, so that vocational training and qualification examination can meet the requirements of production, management and technological development. The NVQ occupational standard system in the UK is developed using the occupational function analysis method. This modular description of occupational unit is conducive to promoting vocational training

Training and evaluation to meet the actual needs of production. The experience of this modular standard model has been adopted by the International Labour Organization

The relevant organizations to the world recommended the adoption.

2. Evaluation system based on actual work performance. The NVQ system does not seek superficial test results. It focuses on how well the person being tested meets the requirements of the job. To work on site assessment

Replacing traditional classroom tests with actual work results is a basic requirement for implementing NVQ standards. NVQ has few written tests and no confusing questions. Its assessment always helps the assessed

In their own work practice to understand the job requirements to achieve the goal, and through continuous efforts to achieve

To this goal. NVQ assessment methods adhere to professional standards as the scale, the real and effective assessment of candidates

Actual job performance. Thus completely rid the modern examination system of the most unreasonable factors for talent training

And examination opened a new way.

3. Take certificate quality management as life. The NVQ system of professional standards and on-site assessment methods are

Whether it can be recognized by the society, ultimately reflected in its certificate, so the certificate is the quality. In order to establish Yan

The UK’s quality assurance system ensures the consistency and seriousness of the assessment procedures and certification process

All certification authorities practice a strict examination system. The UK’s National Vocational Qualifications Board is responsible for the development

The Common Agreement of Certification Authorities and the National Qualifications Rules and Guidance have been established. These documents are for all kinds of proofs

Strict regulations have been made on the organization and management of the institutions, the principles and methods for implementing NVQ standards, the procedures for evaluation and supervision, and the qualifications and training of evaluation and supervision personnel. All aspects through the implementation of these provisions, clear division of responsibilities in the quality assurance system, establish the national vocational qualification certificate scientific and authoritative.