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What is SQA HND?


Today I will talk about SQA-HND(AD) program, which is also known as “3+1” and “3+1+1” model of study abroad program. The reason why I want to talk about this today is that even though this program has been running for so many years, there are still some parents and students who are not clear about how this program works, so today we will talk about it. Buy fake SQA HND.

First of all, let’s identify two schools

1. China Service Center for Overseas Education (CSCSE)

Those who have returned from studying abroad are very familiar with this, which is our dear “Sino-Foreign Education Service”. Buy fake diploma, buy fake SQA HNC, All the overseas degree certification is completed by Sino-foreign education Service. Of course, the role of Sino-foreign education service is more than that, please see the official website for more details

2. UK Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

The Scottish Qualifications Authority (Scottish Qualifications Authority) was approved by the UK Parliament in 1997 and affiliated with the Scottish Education Department since 1999. It is a government statutory body responsible for the examination, certification and qualification of academic qualifications other than degrees. take fake SQA HND, get fake SQA HND.

The two hit it off immediately

Thus came our CSCSE-SQA HND project

It has a high-quality curriculum system, advanced teaching concepts, and a combination of academic and vocational curriculum features, which has been recognized by universities in many countries around the world. It means that students can get the opportunity to receive high-quality education resources in China within three years, which saves the expensive overseas study expenses compared with directly going to the UK for undergraduate study.

Therefore, during the epidemic period, if you can’t go abroad directly, studying in China is still a good choice at present.

The first year of the program is an international preparatory course, which focuses on strengthening English; The second and third years are HND professional courses, which should be paid attention to. After the third year, students who successfully complete their studies will get the HND certificate issued by SQA. Graduates who get this certificate will get the national vocational qualification certificate corresponding to their major, and then rely on this certificate. Students spend their final year of undergraduate studies in the UK, US, Canada and Australia, and some go on to better universities for master’s degrees. In this way it’s 3+1 or 3+1+1.

At present, there are more than 30 schools conducting HND programs in China, and the list of foreign cooperative universities is also very rich. It is worth noting that the final choice of a student’s university depends on his comprehensive scores of language and specialized courses at the end of junior year.