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What is the Edexcel GCSE/International GCSE?

Edexcel GCSE Certificate

Pearson Edexcel Academic Certificate courses internationally include GCE A Levels/ IAL, GCSE/International GCSE and PLSC courses. The standard and content of high school curriculum is regulated by the Office of Qualifications and Examinations (Ofqual), Buy fake Edexcel GCSE Certificate, buy fake certificate. which is a compulsory examination for British students to enter university. It is praised as “the world college entrance examination” and “the gold standard for global university entrance” by the international education circle. At present, A Levels are used to apply for admission and scholarships to universities in more than 110 countries and regions around the world, including the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore and other popular destinations for students. Order fake Edexcel GCSE Certificate, buy fake diploma, buy fake degree. The advantages of Edexcel Certification courses

Create global development opportunities for students

The Pearson Edexcel Certification programme takes students on a world-class educational journey from primary school to preparatory school.

◆ PLSC is flexible and easy to implement. PLSC is a major course in many international schools, which lays a solid foundation for primary and secondary school students to learn international courses.

◆ The British GCSE/International GCSE is internationally acclaimed for its excellent curriculum and seamless integration with A Levels, suitable for secondary school students all over the world.

◆ The IAL is regarded as the gold standard of high school academic achievement and A passport to top universities, suitable for high school students all over the world.

What are Edexcel A Levels?

Edexcel A Levels, as the UK’s senior secondary school certificate, are rightly recognised by all universities in the UK. In practice, however, Pearson Edexcel A Levels are accepted by universities in almost every English-speaking part of the world outside the UK, including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, which are popular destinations for Chinese students. In China, we are also pleased to see A lot of applications through A Levels to top universities in the United States, Canada and Singapore.

Pearson has launched A degree search platform to better serve its A Levels students and help them apply to the best universities in the world. The platform lists the detailed information of universities recognized for A Levels in 28 countries and regions around the world. Students enter their own information on the platform and search according to their ideal study destination. They can not only obtain the list of universities, but also obtain the practical information of famous universities around the world.

In 2013, Pearson launched the International Advanced Levels (IAL), an international version of A Levels specifically for the international market, after the British GCE A Levels exam was changed from two exams in January and July each year to one exam every month. IAL in the course syllabus preparation continues the high level of GCE A Levels, and according to the international market, especially the demand of Asian students, more into January, May/June, October three times a year test time and modular examination form, each module has two reexamination opportunities. IAL in the launch of a year, has been recognized by more than 600 universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Johns Hopkins University and other famous universities are in them. At present, IAL is open to accounting, biology, business, chemistry, economics, English language, English literature, history, law, mathematics, psychology, physics and other 12 disciplines, and will gradually expand in the future.

What has happened to GCE A Levels?

The reformed GCE A Levels, which will be taught for the first time in September 2015, will be assessed for the first time in summer 2017 in subjects including English Language, English Literature, English Language and Literature, physics, chemistry, biology, history, psychology, Art and design, business, economics, sociology and computer science;

Subjects to be taught for the first time in September 2016 include Maths, advanced Maths, Geography, languages, Design and Technology, drama, music, physical education and religious studies.

What will happen to AS?

The AS will be taught as a separate qualification for the first time in 2015.

Will not count towards A Level grades, except for art and design, AS qualifications will only be assessed by tests.

The new AS qualification is designed to extend the breadth of the curriculum and will maintain existing standards.

AS qualifications in some subjects are recommended to be taught at the same time as the first year of A Level.

Timetable for reform of GCE A level qualifications

AS and A level of reform in stages. It will be taught for the first time in September 2015. The subjects of the first phase of reform include: English Language, English Literature, English Language and Literature, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, history, Psychology, Art and design, Business, economics, Economics and Business, Computer Science and Sociology.

First taught in September 2016, the second phase of reform includes: Mathematics, advanced mathematics, languages, geography, design and technology, drama, music, physical education and religious studies.

Why is Edexcel A Level suitable for international students?

●Edexcel GCE A Levels is the world’s trusted education system, giving students access to top universities such as Harvard, Cambridge and Yale.

The Edexcel GCE A Levels follow the UK syllabus and are overseen by the Office for Qualifications and Examinations.

●Edexcel A Levels are recognised by The Times Higher Education Top 100 World Universities Rankings.

●International A Levels (IAL) provides the opportunity to teach modular A Level qualifications through examinations in January, June and October each year at accredited centres worldwide.

●GCE A Levels covers 70 subjects including mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer science, accounting, business, economics, drama and film, and the performing arts. IAL curriculum includes many subjects, and in the future year by year to increase the subject.

●GCE A Levels/IAL has been recognized by more than 600 universities around the world, including Oxford, Cambridge and Johns Hopkins University.

What is the Edexcel GCSE/International GCSE?

Edexcel General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) is a highly recognized and widely respected secondary education qualification in the world. It has the following characteristics:

● Designed for students aged 14 to 16

A wider choice of subjects to meet the needs of all types of schools and students

● Provide seamless access to A level, vocational or international certification

● Encourage international thinking and cultivate talents with a global perspective

Like A Levels, Edexcel’s International GCses are globally recognised, seamlessly linked to the third-tier A Levels and tailored to international students.

The unique advantages of dexcel GCSE/International GCSE

● Follow the British syllabus

● There are more than 40 optional subjects

● Internationalization of course content

● Combine coursework with exams

● All courses are 100% exam-oriented

● Annual GCSE examinations are held in June each year

● The International GCSE is available in January and June

Changes to the Edexcel GCSE

From September 2015, changes to some GCSE qualifications will be introduced by the Government. This means a linear education structure and 100 per cent external assessment through June exams. At the same time, a scale of 1-9 will be used to determine students’ academic performance, with 9 being the highest.