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Where can buy fake diploma online?

Pennsylvania State University fake degree

Pennsylvania State University fake degree

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How to Fake a Bachelor’s Degree
You need to know the fact that there is no such thing as a fake master’s degree generator, and there is no diploma maker that makes fake degrees for you for free. Forging a fake degree is a very complicated job, and there are many process steps. These steps must be completed by the concerted efforts of a team. It also requires complete equipment and rich experience. The whole process is roughly divided into:

  1. The customer service staff communicates with the customer and unanimously determines the full content and category of the forged degree.
  2. The designer finds the required format, size, paper, LOGO, font, etc. from our own huge database, and then uses the information as a support to use CDR software to typeset the design, save it in PDF format and communicate with the customer again after completion , and then transfer to the next process after confirming that it is correct.
  3. The printing technician makes a printing template and uses parchment paper that is exactly the same as the original to make the document into a physical object. During this process, constant comparison and debugging are required, and it is finally completed when it is exactly the same as the original.
  4. The process technician makes corresponding molds for embossing and hot stamping processes. This process requires very rich experience and requires the use of many types of machinery and equipment. If holograms need to be made, it is extremely difficult.

Some friends have asked me how to fake a College degree. In fact, the process steps are similar, including fake dr degree, fake master’s degree, fake associate’s degree and even a Elon fake degree, but the content is different. Then the transcript will need to calculate credits and be more troublesome to design.

About fake degree verification

  1. Fake degrees are generally rarely verified by people.
  2. The fake degrees we make look the same as the original ones in appearance.
  3. We do all the craftsmanship on the fake degree very carefully, including hot stamping or silver hot stamping and full
    We made all the infographics exactly like the originals.

Our team has been in this field for nearly thirteen years and has served a variety of customers. There are many customers who have gone to success by ordering fake diplomas, so the demand in this market is still very large, and people never stop over the demand for fake diplomas.