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North West University Diploma

North West University is located in the Administration Building, Office no. 345/348, 2nd Floor North-West University (Mafikeng Campus) Private Bag X2046, Mmabatho, 2735, excellent location, beautiful environment.

Potcheststrom University of Christian Higher Education has been known as PUK since 1921, when it was called the College of South African Students, and its students and alumni are known as PUKKE.

Internationally recognized quality of education

The university’s teaching and research have an international high quality standard, which is reflected in

1. The quality of its teaching has been recognized by an international panel of experts as a model among South African universities;

2. The University enjoys an international reputation for academic excellence;

3. The school’s 13 research areas are evaluated every five years;

4. Teaching is subject to external supervision through syllabuses, study manuals, examination papers, grading, etc.

Some interesting data

1. PUK’s four programmes are available at two campuses and more than 50 learning centres

2. The Portstrom campus covers 158 hectares

3. Vanderbijpark Campus covers an area of 118 hectares

4. The network cable between the two campuses is 1,200 kilometers long

5. The replacement cost of the campus building amounts to $1,000,000,000

6. The Portstrom campus has 19 stores

7. The university has 30 patents registered worldwide

8. In the 2001/2002 industrial programme, PUK received the second largest amount of funding from technology and human resources among all South African universities.

9. Its student completion rate is the second highest in South Africa

Composition of teaching

52% of students attend the Portchestdrom campus

Five percent of students enrolled in the Vaal River Delta

9% of the students studied through the telematics learning system

Distance education students 34%

Total number of students: 28,937 (including graduates and postgraduates)

School Honors

Ranking of Domestic Universities

The Global Network of Universities and Colleges (4ICU) ranked 11th among national universities

Global University Rankings

Newsweek ranked US 36th in the world’s top 100 universities

The Webometrics World University Ranking is 5,832

Ecole des Mines in Paris is ranked 28th in the world

33 Times Higher Education -QS World University Rankings

Research and postgraduate training

Research and graduate training focus on 13 popular research areas. The 13 research areas are classified according to internationally recognized criteria after input from experts, and all are areas of national priority for support and development. It can award honorary bachelor’s, master’s and Doctor’s degrees.

Research area

Business Mathematics and Informatics

Organization of teaching

Decision Science and Economic development Management

Constitutional development in South Africa

Science and Technology

Technological Change and Social Development in South Africa

Energy system

Physics of space

Drug development and research

Preventive and therapeutic interventions

South African Language and Literature

Sustainable development

Environmental Science and Management

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