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The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) is the British insurance industry’s professional organization, founded in 1897. In order to improve the professional level of insurance practitioners, the institute specially designed a set of qualification examinations, ACII associate membership examination for its highest level of examination.At present, there are thousands of insurance and financial professionals around the world every year to take the C11 qualification examination,C11 has a total of 67,000 members at home and abroad, and its qualification enjoys a high international reputation. In some countries, the law on insurance stipulates that any insurance company must have at least one FCII qualified professional.CII exams are known for their rigor and depth. CII courses cover a wide range of knowledge in insurance, risk management, finance and business environments, and students can adapt to their own strengthsChoose courses, and have a higher level, more in-depth and thorough recognition of the insurance industry through study and examinationYes. CII is an important cornerstone of self-improvement and career development for people in the insurance industry. In China, many elites with AC1I qualifications have become the chief figures of the company, such as the general manager of the company, the chief representative of foreign companies in China, and the president of foreign companies in China. With the development of China’s insurance industry, the insurance market calls for more talents. CI certificate is widely recognized in foreign companies because of its international reputation, and it is also more and more valued in China. It will become a passport for insurance practitioners to move forward in their career.

CII Certificate, Buy Fake CII Certificate

CII Certificate

Since 2004, the CII series of qualifications has mainly included the following four categories:Cert Cll (Certificate in Insurance): This is the most elementary exam and can be taken at any age and with any qualification. The exam requires a total of 40 credits, and the compulsory course is “Insurance Market and Legal Principles”.Dip CII (Diploma in Insurance): This exam is designed for insurance practitioners with a certain level of expertise. Applicants must have a Cert CI1 certificate or be at least 21 years of age or have sufficient education level. The exam requires a total of 110 credits: the compulsory courses are “Insurance Practice” or “Long Term Insurance Practice”, “Insurance Legal Scope” and “Business Practice”.ACII (Advanced Diploma in Insurance): This exam is open to professionals who have some practical experience in insurance. Insurance practitioners who have obtained Dip Cll or are over 25 years of age or have sufficient qualifications are eligible to apply. The exam requires a total of 290 credits. Candidates must take three core courses, including: Risk and Insurance, Corporate and Contract Law, and Business and Economics.FCI1 Qualification: After passing the ACI1 exam, candidates continue to practice insurance for another 3 years, submit a thesis, which is approved by the London C11 Examination Board. You can obtain the FCII certificate and become a certified insurer. FCII is the highest qualification in the international insurance industry.The C11 qualification is based on credit accumulation. The qualification examination for each rung consists of compulsory and elective courses. Each course has a different number of credits. Candidates can choose from 46 courses, and can freely choose other subjects outside the major that meets the qualification requirements, as long as they meet the credit requirements to obtain qualification. For example, the ACII qualification requires 290 credits, in addition to completing the compulsory three courses (a total of 90 credits), candidates can choose to take an additional seven Advanced Diploma in Insurance (30 or 40 points each), You can also choose 4 advanced courses (120 or 130 points in total) and 4 practical courses (Diploma in Insurance, 80-100 credits in total).