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Fake Mount Saint Vincent University Diploma

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Mount Saint Vincent University Diploma

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The Mount Saint Vincent University coat of arms was awarded by the London College of Arms in 1966. It is based on the coat of arms of the family of Elizabeth Seton, founder of the Sisters of Charity. The three crescents are from the coat of arms of House Sidon. In Sidon’s arms these crescents are tinctured red on fields of gold. Blue and gold are the colors of French arms and are closely associated with Saint Vincent de Paul. Books represent knowledge; maple leaves on either side represent Canada. The dove is a symbol of the Holy Spirit, emphasizing that knowledge is the means of wisdom and the highest gift of God.

The University logo was introduced in 1999. The origin of the logo lies in the coat of arms, so it maintains a strong link to the University’s history while having a more progressive tone. This logo is used on all but the most formal occasions.
Mount Saint Vincent University is located next to Bedford Highway in Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, Canada. From the school to the city center, it only takes more than 20 minutes by bus. The transportation around the school is convenient, the environment is pleasant, and it faces the sea. Halifax is adjacent to the political and economic center of the northeastern United States, and is adjacent to Boston, New York, Washington, Toronto and other cities. It is the largest port city among the provinces along the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the middle of the southeast coast of the Nova Scotia Peninsula. It has an important strategic position and is known as the “Guardian of the North”. In 1749, British Scottish immigrants settled here. Founded in 1841, it was the British Army and Navy base before 1905.