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The University of Greenwich is a large public comprehensive university founded in 1890. It is located in the Greenwich metropolitan area of London and is not a member of the Russell Group or the 1994 Group of universities. Founded in 1890, the University of Greenwich is a university with a long history in the United Kingdom. The University of Greenwich is a vibrant university with rapid development in the United Kingdom and internationally. It has the appearance and quality of an ancient British university, the style of a modern university and the development in line with the needs of society. It has been widely regarded as the leading university in the UK in terms of its specialties. Each campus has a library with excellent facilities. The library uses computers and a wide range of electrical appliances to provide students with everything they need to learn. The University of Greenwich’s computer facilities are very advanced. There are more than 1200 computers at the student’s disposal, many of which are Wi-Fi enabled. There are also many advanced professional computer workstations on campus. It is accessible to all students in the school.

The University of Greenwich was originally founded by the gallery, Stephen Lawrence, with the aim of taking a positive attitude and developing diversity by promoting different approaches to representation of visual culture. The University of Greenwich has beautiful scenery, with 3 campuses with different characteristics. The campus complex is known as the “Versailles of Britain”. The University is located in the southeast of London, England. The campus is distributed in the city of London and the north and west of the adjacent county of Kent. Behind the main campus is the famous Royal Greenwich Observatory, which is passed by the prime Meridian and can be regarded as a model of British universities.

The University of Greenwich was founded in 1890 as Uwich College of Technology, Britain’s second engineering school, built on the site of the 18th century Royal Armouries. The University of Greenwich was formally recognized as a university by the Royal Commission on Education in 1992, starting with Uway College of Engineering and subsequently merging with nearby Dartford College, Avery Hill College, Garnett College and related departments of other colleges. The beautiful campus attracts many young students to study here. They can lie on the grass and read books at ordinary times. They can visit the Royal Observatory at the back of the school. There are 17 historic buildings on the campus of the University of Greenwich, which are either solemn or elegant, and have been called Versailles in modern Britain.

The campus boasts the best architecture and landscape architecture programs in British universities. The courses offered by this major have been awarded outstanding courses by the UK Higher Education Quality Authority for many years. As British Architecture Weekly put it: “The staff and students here have the privilege of studying and working in a world-class school.”

Now has more than 17000 students attend the university of Greenwich, these students from over 100 countries, a variety of professional and cultural background, in humanities and social science, accounting, business administration, architecture, civil engineering, real estate management, engineering, computer science and other professional study, research, One of them, the School of Computing and Mathematics, is well known for its fire prevention engineering group.