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The University of Manitoba is the oldest university in western Canada and the largest university in Manitoba.
The University of Manitoba is a government-supported university and a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities and the Alliance of Canadian Universities.
As of 2010, the University of Manitoba has the highest number of Rhodes scholars in Western Canada, with 98 students.
Students from the University of Manitoba won the TechnicalChallenge and third place in the humanoid competition at the RoboCup 2016 in Germany. The RoboCup is an international cooperation project to promote the development of artificial intelligence, robotics and other related projects. The ultimate goal of the robotics project is to develop a fully autonomous humanoid robot team that can win the world championship in football against humans by 2050. The team consists of six people, four of whom are undergraduates majoring in computer science. The humanoid robot competition they participated in is also recognized as the most challenging, because compared to small robots, large robots have more difficulties in operation and transportation. In the skill competition, Manu’s robots also successfully completed technical challenges. (These 18 martial arts include pushing themselves to stand back in place, as well as high-altitude kicking, high-altitude jumping, etc.) Compared with most of the other teams with graduate students, masters, doctors and so on as the main team members, the proportion of undergraduates participating in the University of Manchester is also unusually high. The University of Manchester’s computer science professional advantages are outstanding, in addition to the high ranking, the University of Manchester computer science professional also provides CO-OP paid internship program, IBM, blackberry, Amazon, Bank of Canada and many other well-known enterprises to choose.