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VCE Certificate

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The VCE International Programme, full name Victoria Certificate of Education, is a certificate of graduation awarded to high school students who have successfully completed a Victorian high school education.
As A five-star course in Australia, VCE is known as the world’s four major high school curriculum systems with A-level and IB. Although the VCE is the university entrance examination system in Victoria, the results are recognized by universities in Australia and other countries. Therefore, candidates studying VCE can apply to universities in Australia, as well as universities in other countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Singapore. VCE requires a minimum of 4 courses to be selected and a maximum of 6 courses to be taken, and most students will choose 6 courses. In addition to English (EAL), you can take any 5 other courses.
There are more than 100 courses for students to choose from, which are roughly divided into English (required reading), humanities, mathematics, science, Business economics, literature and Arts, information technology, Health and Physical Education, and other languages. It can be seen that there are many kinds of VCE courses, and in multiple elective courses, candidates can more easily find good subjects, which is a major advantage of VCE courses.

The advantages of VCE

1, VCE courses by Australia Victoria Education Assessment Agency (VCAA), Australia’s elite schools to provide resources and supervision, all participate in the Victoria joint examination, global synchronization, college performance network can be checked, after reaching the standard directly to study the undergraduate major of the world’s elite schools, can apply for many schools.

2. Compared with other international courses, VCE does not belong to the exam-oriented project. It has the teaching concept of international vision and the complete curriculum design, and there is no need to participate in other language examinations when entering the university. At the same time, when the VCE curriculum is run in overseas schools, it is highly consistent with the famous Australian schools, and the Australian partner schools are responsible for the control and supervision of the quality of courses and teachers.

3, due to the expansion of international school projects and the trend of multi-channel, mature, credible and standardized projects will get more trust and favor. The supervision of Australian government departments makes the formality and reliability of this project more convincing.

4. Scientific and complete curriculum evaluation system.

There are two types of assessment: internal assessment (SAC) and external examination. In-school assessments are conducted during the school year and include written and practical tests and project assessments. External examinations (written, oral, performance or electronic) are generally taken at the end of the school year and are developed and graded by the VCAA.

The ATAR(Australian Tertiary Entrance Ranking) is an overall measure of a student’s VCE course performance calculated by the Victorian Tertiary Admission Centre (VTAC). Almost all universities in Australia use ATAR to some extent as a basis for student selection. Students who complete the VCE overseas will receive an ATAR and receive the same consideration as local students for admission to Australian universities.